Control all things

Management of network is difficult task for all telecommunication branch, because it has many aspects. These aspects fight with each others. For example providing the widest bandwidth may have Read more

Breaking the US government’s hold on the internet won’t be easy

The internet today is far bigger and more inextricably linked to telco solutions than its creators in the 1970s and 1980s could have imagined. So perhaps it is not surprising that some of the Read more

Future of the business, future of the companies

The future of the business is not really easy. It is predicted but nobody can tell that this kind of business will be the best one for the market. Companies are still present and they have to Read more

Social networking and entertainment services soar

In July 2015, one research firm will have published its latest market research report on mobile location-based, network configuration management services, which provides a global view on the use of mobile LBS in a number of categories. Mobile location-based services include applications and services Read more

Digitalization gives support

People love digital world and computers, they cannot live without all the tools that offers modern world. They want to have more modern tools for everyday use. Companies have also understood that digitali Read more

Is Number Portability Even Practical?

A new era has emerged in the local telecommunications industry with the arrival of local number portability for both landline and mobile inventory automation users. Many doubted that this would h Read more

Customers’ world is closer than it appears to be

Presently we have the world of customer. Customers have more and more proposals for them: new products, new services, new companies. They can take advantage of numerous products and either praise or complain of them. From time to time they are satisfied with the quality of products. Sometimes they a Read more

Smart phones changed the world

Times, when mobile phones was a luxury are past. Now everyone has phone, even kids and many people uses two devices – one for private conversations and second for work or own business. Al Read more

Efficient business contacts

Contacts with clients, consumers, customers are one of the most important duties of the company. Companies us managed services, mobile network inventory, managed services and many other tools, topics and networks of companie Read more

Faster and faster

Now everything is faster than was even 10 years ago. Living, working, traveling, information exchanging. Even entertainment is faster than was ever. Now long games are enough for 7 hours and movies lasts 120 minutes, when earlier it was average 140 minutes. Also communication with people is faster. Read more